Tuesday, April 20, 2010

BFAShow12: Senior Research Scientist

BFAShow10: Senior Research Scientist
Pencil, ColErase, Digital Color

So this guy...? Yeah. Complete nerd. He's also a key catalyst in setting off the action of the story.
He was chosen as a colony-pod escort; long story short the colony pods contained everything you needed to sustain yourself and establish a colony on a foreign planet. Problem is, during the war, his pod was never called down from orbit. So for the next 100+ years he stayed in the Lazarus Pod, mind kept lucid.
After all that time he was finally able to land the pod / it was called down / the orbit decayed enough to initiate an emergency landing... I don't know yet really.
He just loves science.

That exchange between him and the Captain was inspired by an actual conversation I had with a co-worker. I was talking about the brilliance of the DNA molecule after having seen the NOVA special What Darwin Never Knew, and I started to trace the shape of the DNA in the air... and it looked like I was describing a woman's curves.
I just love science.

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