Thursday, March 20, 2008


Giant Isopods

What are they? What are they? Are they real? Are they alive?

That is all.

A few kind souls have pointed out to me that these are GIANT ISOPODS. I love them. I want one. Do you think the land lady would understand?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Portfolio Time and fun

Hi there!
I am holding a piece of the world's longest Ice Cream Sundae, a record now held by Brigham Young University (Provo). Right next to this record is our 7 year long running status as the country's #1 stone cold sober school. Yes, I am proud of this statistic. And of my cat hat with ear muffs.

Been a while no? Well, here are the images from two portfolios I recently submitted. There are some recognizable images and some new faces...
Although the song doesn't really fit, I painted this piece with this line in mind: Winter just isn't my season.

Sorry if the colors are a little wonky on this one... working between different monitors can really mess you up...
This is actually from Illustration 1 (took in 2007) but I still like it. There are problems yes, but it's still fundamentally one of my favourites.

One of the few exceptions where the scan looks better (in my opinion) than the original. I like how the colours are pushed a lot more in this image. The original is quite dull... This is from a book I said I'd help a friend complete... Uh yeah. Then I found out that my life is a lot more busy than I thought. I'm sorry. :(

Oh yeah:
Check it out.

And from the box of for fun paintings:
Don't let this image fool you, the original is TINY. I think the scan is a little too big actually...
I did this as a possible composition / color palate for a larger piece. Until I changed my mind.

And since I'm not pulling the wool over anyone's eyes, yes this is a Shinigami, a la awesome comic series Bleach. Maybe ... Hinamori? Can't tell from here... But this scene is roughly based on a dream I've had. That stand of trees is a reoccurring image.

And for fun, Miternacht, an amazing and scary song by E Nomine, a freaky cool weird German band.

A re-mix:

Another re-mix:

Friday, March 7, 2008

India! Yay other European Countries that I don't know what they are! Yay Canada!
Wow, OK, last thing I posted was zoo sketches huh. OK OK new stuff:

Battle Raccoons from the book 'Out on Blue 6.'

Some character design from our latest assignment. The theme was "Post-Apocalyptic Animal Heroes!" I chose to go with just the Post-Apocalypse part, and based their personalities and 'look' on animals. They don't really have names yet. All of them are based on citty-dwelling garbage-picking animals.
Can you feel the Gorillaz influence? I was aiming for it...

Ducks! And Botamon.
That's it for now.

We are all just jumping through hoops.