Saturday, December 20, 2008

Some more finals stuff...

Trevor! Treeevorrrrrr. Trev trev trevor!
Done in the style of FSc

The custodial hero in her second incarnation, as an emulation character design. (Here's her first appearance) Here I'm tried to emulate the stylin' styles of Mr. Sean Galloway, a.k.a. Cheeks.
And a painted CD case, commissioned by friend Stacy! Check out her art blog here:

Character Design Final

For my character design final, the story of 'Custodial Hero.'

Note: Name changed to Halle MacFarlane.

Can you tell I wrote these character descriptions in the wee hours of the morning? :|

In a big city, Hero and Maria are custodians at the local community college. Life was simple, Catrin and Maria worked the crack-of-dawn shift, and the only problem Catrin had was how to approach the man of her dreams, a grounds crew worker she has been crushing on for two months. But as fate would have it, one dark morning a chemical cabinet fell on our two protagonists! In what would first appear as an accident most unfortunate, it was really a blessing in disguise! When the two unwitting heroes returned to work a few weeks later, they found they could clean like never before! But all is not well... as if drawn like a magnet to its polar opposite, Dirt Devils began haunting the city, possessing its unsuspecting inhabitants, drawn to the increased skills of clean of our two heroes! Now it is up to Maria and Catrin to clean up their city and rid it of the forces of filth with their new-found skills even Mr. Clean would envy!


Drawing for Animation Final

This pretty much sums up our drawing for animation class.


This was my funnest class this semester. Besides my landscape painting class.