Monday, April 12, 2010

BFAShow04: Terran Star Ship Raven

Terran Star Ship Raven
Pencil, ColErase, Digital Sketch

Today is probably the most boring update day of them all. All the crappy sketches that led up to the final Star Ship design.
Obviously Biblical referential name is OBVIOUS. This colonial ship was built to never come back. Hence.

I struggled with this design for the longest time. I mean like, right up to the deadline struggled with it. I'm never good with inorganic design. One of the coolest/most unusual sources for inspiration for this ship came to me when I was running around on the beach. Shells. I mean, of course I already had the idea of "Space SHIP = BOAT = watertight (like unto a dish) etc. etc. etc." bouncing around inside my head, but looking at clam and oyster shells really helped solidify it. And not just whole ones either, but fragmented ones, because the shells still broke according to a pattern of their design.
The other thing that helped in the designing process was using clay to just moosh around some shapes, get an idea for three-dimensionality.

Woah. Words.
TL;DR: Sea Shells = Space Ships
Clay = good visualizing tool

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Will Strong said...

Michelle, I enjoy how you point out things are are "obvious" that probably would have taken me some real thinking to figure out.

Nice allusion.