Sunday, April 11, 2010

BFA Show Day 03: Fortress City

Fortress City
Digital Paint

I wanted to upload this as large as possible, so click for HUGE file.
I want you to feel like you've been immersed in this world.

This is by far the best piece of the whole show. Sorry to pull it out so soon, but this is where the beginning action takes place.

Each of the five landscapes I will be uploading in the days to come contain "city-buildings." Buildings so huge they form a three-dimensional city, housing hundreds of thousands of humans. This is where the settlers live so as to not come into conflict with the indigenous sentient species.

So this is the central city, the Fortress City, home of the government of this planet, build by the crater lakes so huge they can be seen from space.

I watched two very helpful extreme engineering episodes on super-structures, mega cities, hyperstructures, (whatever they're called, they're RAD) for research on the cities that have been built on this planet to accommodate the rising human population. More on that later.

The episodes I watched are available on YouTube in 5 parts each:
City in a Pyramid Season 1 Episode 4

Surprisingly I used only Photoshop for the digital landscape paintings... I usually favor painter. Go figure.


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