Tuesday, July 29, 2008

San Diego Comic Con Giant Update of DOOM

SDCC was AMAZING. And so full of geeks, it was fantastic.

COSPLAY PHOTOS! I didn't take a lot because my camera had a really long lag time between photos. D: But I'm happy with what I took. ^_^

So the copies of my comic I was unable to sell/give away at Comic Con (I had no table) are now available to the general public for 5$ + SH. I will also do a sketch on the back. You may choose what the sketch should be, but if you are UNDECIDED I will sketch the SECRET ENDING to the comic. :O But I will be posting the secret ending on this blog soon enough anyway, so it's your choice. I like drawing Avatar characters. :3 HINT.

I met:
Cheeks (a.k.a. Sean Galloway): who was constantly surrounded by fans. I bought his book and gave him mine. :D
Rufftoon (a.k.a. Johane Matte, which I don't know how to pronounce, sorry): who was SO NICE and gave me a copy of Water Tribe (which is excellent!), so I gave her a copy of my comic (with a sketch!)
Doug TenNapel
: who is too cool for words; I bought Gear and Earthboy Jacobus (both of which I enjoyed immensely) and gave him a copy of my comic as well.
I also saw Donato Giancola, but he was really surrounded all the time, so I never got to say hello. Oh well.

I went to the panel, which I waited in line and in the room for for three hours or so. But it was well worth the wait.
During the panel we:
Watched the last two episodes (amidst much screaming and cheering)
Saw the winners of the Poster Contest (plus saw some of the creator's favorites, lots of lulz)
Had a costume contest
Saw the gag reel which explained why Zutara is a BAD IDEA. D:< style="font-style: italic;">kick-awesome t-shirts. And y'all know how I feel about T-shirts. ^_^

I got a lot of positive feedback about my Toph Shirt, I even handed out my business cards! So please note that I do take commissions, for t-shirts and otherwise; please e-mail me for details.

Disney/Pixar Panel:
We saw previews for both Bolt and Up, both of which I will see just on the principle that they are beautifully done. There is no groundbreaking plot in Bolt, but the storytelling looks fantastic. Up on the other hand is totally unique and I look forward to it with eyes wide open.

Things I learned from Comic Con:
Don't swear in public. Or maybe ever. It's just not professional and it's definitely not attractive.
Be nice to EVERYONE. Part of why I like the artists I do is because they are so freakin' NICE.
Draw lots. I am so stoked to get back to the drawing now. And I have a few fun comic ideas I'd like to start on... Hee.
Book everything in advance, don't even TRY to drive anywhere, and be prepared to walk and wait and change your plans. OFTEN.

And on a totally random note... Awkward Zombie makes me happee.

Monday, July 21, 2008

San Diego Comic Con T-shirts!

Here are mah T-shirts I've painted for the Con! (I did these all in a day. Not a day each, ALL in a day. I am such a geek.) And for the record, you can draw on fabric with ColErase and then wash it out with Fells Naptha. Oh Fells Nap, you are my hero.
Please feel free to say hello if you are going!

Originally was going to have the text on the back, but decided against it.
It was too much work. :(
High Quality Link

Botamon, from Digimon! Yay! This one is my favourite.
High Quality Link

Toph Bei Fong from Avatar: the Last Airbender. Such a good show.
Toph could take Iron Man easily.
High Quality Link

Bouncy the Dog from Arj and Poopy. He is my favorite from those vids, and so much fun to draw.
High Quality Link

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Comic Book for SDCC 08

So my comic is done. It is 46 pages in length and has an extra 8 pages of sketches at the end.
I will be selling it at Comic Con for 5$ each, but there are only a few copies. So if you want one and I am out, wait until APE Con when I'll have copies printed up at lulu.com.
I'm going to go paint t-shirts naow.