Saturday, February 28, 2015

Emulation Exercise

After seeing the delicious art and art styles that have been used in a tarot deck for Dragon Age: Inquisition, I wanted to do some emulation paintings, and paired it with an art challenge to choose tarot cards that best represent two of my characters. This was definitely a fun exercise!
My buddy Nixier helped me pick out the cards; thank you so much!

Three of Swords
Claud (represented by a rabbit)
The Three of Swords represents rejection, sadness, loneliness, heartbreak, betrayal, separation and grief. Because pain can lead to and is often necessary for growth, the Three of Swords serves as a reminder that if you can start to see pain as a learning opportunity, life will suddenly become less painful. Similarly, the Three of Swords speaks of loss and difficulty, of sacrifice and broken relationships. Often choices involve choosing one good over another, or one evil over another, and thus when you have finally made your decision, you are still left with the pain of losing the option you have not chosen. Often, however, the pain of losing something you once valued (such as a ‘comfortable’ relationship in which you are no longer growing) is necessary in order to prepare you for a more fulfilling experience in the future.

Queen of Wands (Inverted, but pictured here upright)
The Queen of Wands reversed describes a situation in which someone is behaving in a manipulative, pushy or selfish way. One of you seems to be in a chronically bad mood, and is angry, resentful and jealous. You may find yourself being attacked or bullied, or behaving this way yourself. Perceptions are skewed and information is being twisted into lies. Someone is demanding, controlling, petty and narrow-minded. The reversed Queen of Wands can also indicate that you have recently lost your confidence in yourself and have become a shrinking violet. You shy away from being in the limelight as you worry that others may think you are not the real deal anymore. You may have even had a recent fall from grace and are now slightly embarrassed about your reputation.

Text adapted from the descriptions found at Biddy Tarot.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Another Unicorn

Finally had a moment to art for myself, doodled this out. I tried for a while to give her a long flowing mane but it just wasn't working out. Finally went with the zebra-hawk. Some girls just aren't meant to have long hair (◡‿◡✿)