Monday, February 2, 2009

The photos I took...

Merry Christmas! What? I'm a month and a week late?
That's awkward.

Just some photos I took over the Christmas break.

And then I started goofing off with Christmas lights and grapefruit... Cue the Theremin!

My sister is a PATRIOT. If the commies ever invade I want her on MY SIDE.

Take a bow, Lauren. You waved your flag well.

And this is my brother. Yes. He is a fish. And he HATES ME.

See how he GLOWS with HATE?

The flight home was interesting with my lay-over in Las Vegas...

The poor fiend is addicted to gambling, I had to physically remove him from the slot machines.

Do 'yall remember a few months ago, the moon was SUPER bright? Yeah. It was cool. I took photos.



Will Strong said...

I think it's time we get Bunky into a program. He needs help.

Jacob said...

I had no idea that your brother was a fish. It must make travel difficult. That whole "no-liquids-on-the-plane" thing probably causes him all kinds of trouble.
I agree with Will though. Bunky needs professional help.