Monday, February 23, 2009

Bunkey is a viral entity

Sketch book! I haven't been drawing in this nearly enough...

Let the retarded start HERE:

So while I was drawing that last page... Rachel was drawing this. I SO owe her some Dakkan s now...

And now, some sentiment:
I mean to say everything I do, but I sometimes don't mean everything I say.


Chelsea Stebar said...

Lions and Digimon! This is officially the greatest blog post ever created.

Laura said...

Woah! Elementary school throwback. I haven't seen those creatures for a while.
I like the lion with possessed red eyes and your morbid puppet diatribe. haha

Also - it was recommended today that I talk to you about making business cards? Do you some stuff about that? where/when/how/etc?
Could you email me maybe? I don't think I have your address.