Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Jake Wyatt and Will Strong!

Late for Will, early for Jake.


Gouache + tea + acrylic ink :)

I had so much fun doing these you guys! Thanks for being born!

A birthday card for my friend Jake and Will. And it's Cami's birthday today! :O I need to do something for her!!

It's my character Mai, with his character Murphy (as seen in "The Great White Lie" here and here.) These are technically fan arts. Both for unpublished works. I'm pioneering a genre here.

Mai cheating on Arthur with Murph!? OH NOES! :O
I love film noir. :)

(Check out the other comics of Funkless White Girl Press here.)


Jake Wyatt said...


Rachel B said...

Ah, this post is steeped in amazingness. It makes me happy all around. :D

One day I will be able to make peoples' birthdays this awesome too.