Tuesday, August 5, 2008

SDCC Sketch book and other things...

This post is HOOGE, sorry.
But there's lots'a pictures! :D And I know none of you read the text anyway... Haha.

Because I'm cheap I make my own thank you cards. And it's an excuse to draw Kung Fu Panda characters. :squee:

Tai Lung but not really. But it is his big goofy smile. HQ Link

Love that lower lip. HQ Link

I feel like this a LOT. Y'know, just geekin' out. HQ Link

And some more paintin's!
And I love making characters float in an orangey space...
I bet if you cold lick the walls they'd taste like ORANGE SHERBERT.

What's cat looking at? Who knows!
HQ Link

Random water creature.
I still need lines, but I'm getting better...
HQ Link

Sketches from Comic Con and everywhere in-between:
The High Quality links are really are two large files:
Sketch dump one and sketch dump two. Below are the small preview files.
I do not support Zutara. NO I do NOT. D:Zuko is so much fun to draw because he's so angsty. And it's interesting to draw a guy that can only emote from half his face. Sokka is favorite. :3
And an old character I'm resurrecting: Elechim Blackbird. With and without screen tone.

That's all for now!

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