Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oriental meets Occidental Astrology...

Chinese Astrology + Western Astrology = Something like Pokemon! X3
HQ Link
Apparently I an a fire rabbit born in the hour of the snake. And I'm a Leo so... fire rabbit lion snake!

And sketches from my Art of Kung Fu Panda book. I love it so much! Mantis and Viper are so much fun to draw. X3

HQ Link
She is so cute! XD


Will Strong (that's who) said...

Michelle your bizzare-ity is amazing. Don't lose that.
It's good for ya.

Nice Kung Fu Panda studies too.

Rachel B said...

Feh - I can't do any fun zodiac mixing, because my Western zodiac sign is an inanimate object. :P I'm glad you can make cool stuff, though.

benjatoon studio said...

nice characters