Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One More Thing...

Got some photos and comments (from the signing book) for y'alls!


Just a sampling of some of the comments that made me smile~

"Awesome Awesome Awesome. When do we get to see the Graphic Novel?"
The Heavy
(Part two and three of this story, his wife signed as "Mrs Heavy" and his son signed as "Heavy Jr." WIN)

"You do good work. This pen is crappy."
Shane Lewis

"Your creatures are exceedingly TASTY. ..."

"Thanks for the stories!"
Hillary Erdmann

"Fantastic job! Thanks for viewing comics as more than nerd entertainment. Keep up the good work."
Dave Hosmer

Hannah Hillam

"W00t LOLZOMG! Kudos & Congrats! Rock on!"
Ezra Lau

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Will Strong said...

*Gasp* I don't think I ever signed the comment book at your show. I'm really bad at that.