Friday, May 7, 2010

Here's a Schematic For You...

... my ass!

I love it when cats have their tails up, and they turn around, and it's like BAM anal sphincter RIGHT IN YOUR FACE.
Thanks for that, cats.

And you can tell who wears the pants in her and Bunkey's relationship...

Pencil, ColErase

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Meagan said...

Ahahahaha. "BAM! Anal sphincter IN YOUR FACE!" I love you.

Speaking of which, you would enjoy this story: Once when my cousin felt the family cat rubbing against his chair, he reached down to pet her without looking, and unfortunately petted the wrong end. Even more unfortunately, the cat's tail was up. But hilariously, he didn't realize his mistake, and declared to the room at large, "Uh oh, kitty's nose is dry; kitty must be sick."