Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Sketches

Some stuff I drew in church today. Put the white in with Photoshop.

First sketch is a sexy Bactrian Camel - wearing a brazier. Yup.
Top sketch is from a photo - it's kinda what I think Gladys' dad would look like.
So then I drew Gladys... not as good. Having photo reference really helps.
Then a random kid, and then another random kid.
And some notes and bitchy-BS.

Sketchbook & Photoshop


Rebecca Sorge said...

I like the white on tan/beige/neutral tone - looks good!

Also, the camel is probably the most abused animal in advertising. First used to advertise cigarettes, now custom-sized undergarments.

Anthony Holden said...

I won't ask why you were drawing THAT in church. The very thought makes me want to repent FOR you.

M.R. Weaver said...

X3 Anthony you crack me up.
Actually... I had drawn the camel on Saturday, it was just on the page and I thought it was funny.

Rachel J said...

LOL Camel best part of this page. I feel like you could make a whole story of how this small little camel ended up with such a handy braziere! How are you doing, by the by?