Friday, January 1, 2010

Art Summary 2009

This is a meme that's been floating around teh interwebs.



Now that I look at this... it's like: consistency? direction? What's that?
Do I have any idea what I'm doing? Gouache landscapes, acrylic comics, ink and paint cards, digital poop, what am I trying to do here?

And let's just say that January feels like two years ago.

Winter Semester
JAN: Schoolwork; experimenting with acrylic paint and comics.
FEB: Schoolwork; more acrylic comics.
MAR: Schoolwork; ink and gouache, experimented with paper size/format.
APR: Schoolwork; Flash drawn comic written by my friend Will Strong.

Art Block Tiems! 8D
MAY: The start of the stuff I did because I wanted to do it. Birthday card for my sister, acrylic ink and gouache.
JUN: Just about the only thing I did in June - little gouache landscape.
JUL: Airdramon Costume for SanDiego Comic Con. Worked on this all summer, but the biggest push was during July. Photo credit goes to Kobb. C:
AUG: Started getting comfortable drawing in Tegaki-E, and started to nail down how I draw Gladys.

Fall Semester (and continuation of Art Block BAW)
SEP: BEEEEEE! Schoolwork; but still one of my favorite things I've done. I lost my studio space so I did all my assignments digitally Fall Semester.
OCT: Schoolwork; not my favorite, but I still had fun with it. LOOK! COLOR! :O
NOV: Schoolwork; Tessaaaaa - had fun character designing, but the painting has lighting problems.
DEC: Schoolwork; THAT BACKGROUND IS TOTALLY NOT A PHOTO... OK it is. :C Despite the problems, there's still a lot I like about it.

That's all folks!
To another year!


Will Strong said...

Not consistent? Are you nuts? Maybe the materials and media are different but these are all definitely all done by the same artist. And a good artist at that.

Your design sense is very unique. And strong.

Anonymous said...

Amen, sister! Last January DOES feel like two years ago!!! But good work! I love it! And yes, I agree with Will, I see a consistency in style too, even if you are experimenting with medium!