Sunday, January 10, 2010


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Catharsis by ~CheiftainMaelgwyn on deviantART

There's nothing so bitter as eating your own words.
This actually hearkens back to a little exchange that popped into my head one night while creating Gladys as a character. It made me really sad... but that's for another day.

WARNING: If you feel happy, reading this comic may change that. Permanently.


I'm a little appalled at this, really. But I worked too long and too hard on this to not show it to others. I did this as a bit of art therapy... but let's just say that is is how I used to feel, and not really how I feel now. Which is good. (Let's see how long that lasts lol.)
Which is why I used Gladys. I mean, this comic wasn't completely just about her to begin with, but it was also never fully about me either.
But it's honesty. This is an honest work and I wish I could have done it better.

And, UGH, how do I sound this without sounding like a monumental loser? Gladys is a lot more than just an RP character... she's more of a weird manifestation of my subconsciousness; or as Rachel so aptly described her, she's my uninhibited id. But she's still her own person, so don't worry, I'm not about to become an axe murderer.

Learning how to action script in Flash was fun. And by "fun" I mean kind of a pain? Yeah.

For the "LOL gradients" and "LOL star-field." And for the angst. So. Much. Angst. *HEAD DESK*
And to anyone who might be disturbed or concerned for their mental well being or mine after reading this. The most common reaction I've gotten from my test readers has been "AAAUUUGH."
And for gratuitous use of ellipsis.
And all other grammatical errors.

Drawn first in pencil
Fixed up somewhat in Photoshop
Compiled in InDesign and Flash
And of course lots of *HEAD DESK*


Will Strong said...

Michelle, this is cool. It feels honest and I think that's important.

I hope you plan on doing more flash comics.

Jake Wyatt said...

I like the flash format for comics. A lot. It's an easy, un-interrupted read. And I liked it. I like the card you made for Will, too!