Friday, October 24, 2008

Picture DUMP

Moar stuff from class and play... enjoy!

Line work done by Joe Olson

Cards for a few October birthdays... :3
Cards HQ Link

An imaginary Bunkey friend:

Bunkey HQ

The Bunkey and his girl. She's too cool to admit that she still has an imaginary friend but she still loves him. He's a boxer. :3

Bunkey HQ

Heroes and Villains... The tow row are non-stereotypical, the bottom row is. Pairs of heroes and villains.

Characters HQ Link

TOYS. D: Most of these are FAIL.

Do you really need a HQ Link?

Hit 'em wit' your bat Jack! Hit 'em wit' yo' BAT!
Jack HQ Link

A card for my Aunt who recently had to put her dog Emmett down.
Emmett HQ Link


Anonymous said...


My heart dances and sings when I look at this. I was finally ready to see it on your blog (and my own copy is getting a bit tattered, because I take it everywhere, literally!).

May I ask you a favor? May I use this graphic in conjunction with an article for the animal welfare website I write for, Best Friends Animal Society Network? If ok, it will accompany a (3rd) follow-up article about Freedom Service Dogs, Inc., of Englewood, Colorado. Won't post it 'til I have your permission, but if it's ok, can reference you as the artist and direct readers to your blog.

Love ALL your work. How 'bout those owls?????????????:-) Hope you are well.
Love, S

Anonymous said...

Well, here I am again...taking refuge in looking at your site as well as at my baby. Also love the PMS/lion posting-how hilarious! Hope you have a restful Xmas vaca. Love, aunt S

ps: are you clear on the spelling of sillowette? ha! I can't spell it. But love the drawing.

Becky said...

This dog is so adorable! I love, love, LOVE it!