Friday, June 15, 2007

landscapes, take one

Here is the fruit of my Plein air class from Spring term. I will be touching up all of them, so I'll update this post with the better images in the next few... weeks, days, whatever. Ew, these scans are awful, man.
The last painting I did. Scene from out a window of the HFAC. This was the shortest one, three hours tops, and it was a lovely hazy rainy day.
The first painting I did. I hate those white bushed in front.
The aspen grove was cooler in real life, I'll go in with some glazing to fix up those leaves and trunks, but I am really happy with the mountains in the BG.
The board I painted on for this one annoyed the crap out of me, it wouldn't accept the paint right, so I had a touch time with that. Shame, it was such a great scene.
My favourite one, it'll be hanging in the HFAC in Fall. I'm excited about that. But those clouds... I need to fix those.

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Bria said...

I like how one of the trees in the aspen grove is all crookedy. And I personally like the clouds the way they are on the last one, unless it's just that they look too perfect, then I understand where you're coming from.