Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One More Time~

Thank you, Blogger, for being such a butt when it comes to uploading very tall, thin images.
So here is sketch dump 2.0, divided and re-uploaded for your viewing pleasure.

People from church
and various characters
and Gladys screaming into a pillow idk

Sketches of random stuff laying around
and a Pyro

Some Gladys and Tessa

Zoo sketches
More people from church

A Gnoll for an art-trade with Icefoxer.
A sekrit Lloyd, who belongs to Luna.


Jake Wyatt said...

WHO is Gladys? And why does she scream into pillows? I mean, she screams into pillows to mask the sound, but why is she screaming at all? I am intrigued.

madi said...

MICHELLE!! how ARE you?! it has been too long since we have been conversant, and i am quite anxious to hear how lovely bountiful is treating you!! how's your tummy? how goes the job search? isn't it good to be with your family?!! how's your sweet sister? what's new this fall? i MISS you!! you are the nicest and most thoughtful, generous person. BYU is NOT the same without you! :( i hope all is very very well for you!! talk to you soon?