Monday, August 23, 2010

Good Bye Hairs

In lieu of comic-journal, have a photo.
I gots'd mah hairs cut.

Oh yeah, and I moved in with my parents to Bountiful, and my car immediately broke and needed 400 dollars of repair work, and a storm hit our yard and knocked a million apricots all over the ground and...


Anthony Holden said...

It's like they always say, "when it rains, sometimes it rains apricots."

kwistin said...

if this were facebook, i would 'like' anthony's comment.

that was quite the post (yay hairs!)--but reminds me of my favorite american greetings card quote:

"When life hands you lemons...suck out as much Vitamin C as you can, and then whip 'em back all extra hard and yell, 'Eat THIS, Life!' You'll feel better---promise."

apricots might have vitamin c, too. jus' sayin. ;)