Thursday, April 30, 2009

Comic Journal DUMP

... because I'm putting off that 111th post for until I can do something ... awesome.
You can see from the dates on these that some of them are nearly 6 months old. D:

In the which I discuss future plans:

In the which I try to help a worm:

In the which my green side shows:

In the which I rant about my job, Digimon and Bunkey:

In the which I experience SAD and FINALS:

In the which I reveal a dark secret:

In the which I continue to share details of this dark secret:


Will Strong said...

Nice. I especially like it when your head explodes in a violent rainbow.

brittany said...

hehe I love these... I second will's comment... but you know me and rainbows >>

Michelle I must point out:
Comic Michelle isn't as
*cough* well endowed *cough cough* as real Michelle.

Chelsea Stebar said...

I heart the Digimon. And also the head-explosion of rainbowness. lawl