Friday, April 17, 2009

Bunkey will take over your life...

... or just beat the crap outta' your carnies.

Please to enjoy now the FIRST EVAR Bunkey comic written by Mr. William Strong:

Bunkey VS The Carnies
Big Trouble in the Old West!

Yay! The longest comic I've done this semester! 90% was done in Flash CS4, the other 10% was drawn first on paper, then drawn over in the computer. :3

Thank you to Rachel for her character Dakkan, and to the Animation class of 2009 for the use of Stubbs.

One more thing...
And this is completely random, but, I think it's entirely appropriate that when I type "weavermr" into Fyre Foks the first thing that comes up is not my blog, but a website what sells sniper scopes and rifle scopes:
Who knew. :|

Violence! :D Glee!


Will Strong said...

Michelle, working with you was a joy. We should do it again sometime.

Markham Carroll said...

"Population Danger?" Awesome. I'll bet every morning he gets up and downs a big piping-hot mug of skulduggery. :D

Jacob said...

Gotta love it Michelle. There's more Bunkey skulduggery roaming around Joe Olson's class this semester. Bunkey showed up in at least three final projects.

Laura said...

hahaha this is fully fun.

Balgram said...

Gasp?! Jacob: There's more Bunkey? I gotta see this. Any chance of getting those projects around here?

That comic was awesome. I wholly approve!

Stacy Lesser said...

Bunkey is so cool. I look forward to the next Bunkey adventure :)