Sunday, January 25, 2009

Problem Child Painting and other such things...

Some more stuff related to the comic page seen in the last few posts.

Here is a Birthday card for my mom:
(It's going to be late! :sadface:)

And one with just the Guinea pig on it:
(He won't talk in the comic though... I don't think)
And some character designs I'll be painting up today. :)

Finished! (So many things went wrong in the painting of this picture, but in the end I think I'm happy with it. And I learned a LOT.)

From Left to Right:
Mai T. Daemon, Elizabeth, Arthur

And a thank you card for my friend Maddie, who bought me a Lightning McQueen toy for Christmas. :3 I love him.


Jake Wyatt said...

What you're drinking: I want some.

Appropriately, the word verification for this comment is "amazzed," which I think means something to Snoop Dogg.

Joe said...

Goat girl is creepy. creappy in a good way.

Joe said...

by creappy I meant unique.

Balgram said...

I take back whatever I said. You draw humans superbly well.

I love your "furries"