Monday, January 12, 2009

AT LONG LAST the Agni Kai

AT LONG LAST. The geek-wadery to end all geek-wadery... The Agni Kai you have all been waiting for... between my Fire-lion-rabbit-snake (anthropomorphized) and Rachel's FIRE TIGER SNAKE OF JUSTICE! :D
This is the toss-down of the century folks!

I highly recommend you play this music as you read:
Agni Kai - Avatar the Last Airbender

(Split up into four parts for your convenience.)

It all started on a Sunday. Our ward has prayer together on Sunday night and then we can write notes to each other, notes which will then be delivered to the appropriate apartments. So one note lead to another, and well... here's the result.
This took the better part of a semester to finish. Ahahaha, this is probably the most terrible piece of Avatar fan-work EVAR. :D

I love how much my character's design jumps around during this whole thing. Non-sequitur clothing! Oops, it's gone again! Hahahaha.

Here are some of the websites (and some new ones too) used in designing our characters:,_types,_and_systems


Stacy Lesser said...

Hey you,
creative story.
And the battle rages on!

Will Strong said...

You two are ridiculous and this is fantastic.

This is the most fun I've seen on a blog in a long while.

Balgram said...

Bwa ha ha ha! That is awesome. I agree with Will exactly. That is ridiculous, especially with the music, and it looks like a TON of fun.

Jacob said...

JOY! I picked up Avatar over the break and can't get enough of it! The design and gestures on these characters is fantastic.

I need to come up with a paper agni kai...

Rachel B said...

Most terrible? Nahh. There's an entire subcategory of Avatar-related art that is worse than this.

But for your sanity and mine, I'm not gonna use the Z-word. ;D

Jake Wyatt said...

When Fire Tiger Snake fights Fire Rabbit Lion, do we not all win?

Rachel B said...

@Jake: Yes, but only if we come to grips with the fact that we are all... stardust.