Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cheetahs, Comics and Characters...

I saw 'Batman Gotham Knight' the other day... some of them were really cool, but some of them were like, 'Omigosh, Holy Anime Batman STOP WINKING what the heck.'

Anyway. Sorry for the lack of updates. UGH.

First off RACHEL made this, not me. (Go to her blog NAO!) Well, not really. I added the legs, it was just a head before. :3 I have sketches too, so look for those in the FUTURE.

I actually re-did this, so I'll try to upload the newer one when I get it back. Assignment for my Drawing for Animation class.

More backs of comics that I've sent out...


Man, this is so old. I sprouted, stir-fried and ate those sprouts a million years ago.

This happened...
As did this.
What a terrible realization.

That's it for now!
Remember, I haven't died. I'm just buried under a mountain of school work.


Shaun T. Weaver said...

Dad says, "Arrsumn!" (spittle dribbling) "I is not old, I is senile...wait!"

Print out your market day post and send one to each grandma, they will love.

Thus speaketh Dad,
Not to be confused with:

OXOXOXOX (tiny, little, subliminal skulls and crossed bones).

Aaron said...

Michelle, thanks for the fruit in open-drawing this morning. Love your comics! They're hilariously "ahh-some". Even the comments people leave on your blog are funny!