Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day and Comics

You know, there are a lot of things wrong with the world, you all know this. But one of the top distressing things is the overall quality of men is going south quickly. So I am posting the Father's Day talk I was asked to give in Church this Father's Day. I hope it makes an impression for good. LINK

To save the world with. Yes. That is my mission. To save the world with comics.
Two Four panel comics for you. Please to click on links to make them moar readable.

It's so TRUE. :(

And also the cover of my new sketchbook. :D


Will Strong said...

Michelle, the comic about naked people is awesome. Tiff (my now wife) laughed much laughing. Good expression on the character as well.

Hey I started a blog today but I haven't posted yet. My first post will be of a very fat cat. You should like it. I'll send you the link tomorrow.

Markham Carroll said...

I read your talk, I thought it was good and well thought-out.

I really like the tree on the cover. Is it meant to imitate Japanese sumi-e?

Jake said...

Cover looks great.