Thursday, May 1, 2008

From Death and Life

So I seem to just draw anything these days, anything and everything, even stuff that falls onto my door...step... Hey...HQ Version

This guy, however was not dead. In fact he was VERY MUCH alive, and would not let go of my finger. :( So I drew him! :DHQ Version

Graphite and ColErase (B&W scan, sorry)

I've, seen things...
... so many things that you can't believe.

Past designs, future designs,
cables in the bend.
Second-hand sounds,
future sounds,
synthesizer dialogues.
Incomprehensible software.
Hi Jon, let's break some rules!
Here comes the sun!
We're doing some recordings later,
Same ol' factory you know.
Here's some names for you,
'Polyester landscape,
Nylon Oxygen,
Ashes to Concrete.'
etcetera... etcetera...

Oh, by the way,
It's been a beautiful morning,
what a morning,
It's a great morning,
It's a great morning man.

Intergalactic Radio Station - Vangelis Direct

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