Saturday, May 3, 2008

Brush-pen Tests

Some brush-sketches with my new Pentel Color Brush. :D
I love it!
Characters from a character-design assignment. I like them, I think I'll continue to use them...

Links to High Resolution images 1 2 3
Gestures from Wednesday night. Yey.


Jake said...

That gesture of Jonothan Frost is, I think, my favorite of anything posted on this blog. Also, your Drybrush work is nice. How's New York?

Andres said...

I'm in your blogs!
Commenting the posts!

Liz Bart said...

oh how I miss wednesday I must rely on myslef to continue my gestureing skills. *sniff* I like all your paintings that you've done since I last saw them. I don't get the trees one, but I really love how you do texture!! (^^)

Anthony Holden said...

Don't you love those brushes?! These look great, Mee-shell.