Wednesday, November 7, 2007


How've you all been?
Yep, I'm updating! Again! :gasp shock:
First to start: Serious pictures! Mostly.
Figure drawrings.
A cat I painted like a YEAR ago. 3 hours, gouache.
Doodles I did when I should have been drawing the model...

I'm really starting to love Gin. He used to creep me out, but he's become a sympathetic character. Ironically. Don't look at the Japanese! I know I got at least two of the characters wrong... :cries:

He will take over the WORLD. And he's so happy about it!

I did not draw this! Jake drew this to show a friend of ours at a Halloween party who Spike Spiegel is. Because her boyfriend looks like Spike. Yeah. Look at those hips.
Go to Jake's Blog NOW. And then never come back because he blows me out of the freaking water. :cries:

That's it.
Now go 'way.

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