Friday, November 23, 2007

Tasuke ni kita yo 助け に 来た よ

欲 頑張ってた ね。
Yoku ganbatteta ne.
気 着けて 御帰り。
Ki tukete okaeri.
The Theme song that really made me love Gin:

Read this song's translation it is sad , beautiful, and haunting.

I :heart: Ichimaru Gin (市丸 ギン). And Shinsou (神鎗) was fun to draw.

Drawn with: Prussian Blue nuPastel
Kneaded Eraser

Also, the card! A picture of DOG. Drawn with: Water color on arches paper, masked with masking fluid to get that 'silk screened' look. Actually, that was an accident.

Both drawn for the author of the web-comic Pomegranate Milkshakes. Hooray!

Happy Birthday, Sausage!

(Amfrony, is my Japanese correct?)

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