Sunday, May 6, 2012

As some of you may have heard, I got bees!
I still have to upload the video I took on the day I installed the package of bees, but I have photos of my most recent inspection, courtesy of my dad’s blackberry.

Just to bring y'alls up to speed, this hive was completely devoid of comb 1.5 weeks ago. All this work was done in that time alone. My girls are so industrious!
You can see how overdressed I was. Very few bees were flying around at all. When I first installed them in the hive they were crawling all over everything, and a few were accidentally smashed between the top bars, but now they were fastidiously careful about where they’d fly, and where they’d walk. They never left the comb, and they wouldn’t fly into the open space in the top of the hive; arriving foragers still used the hole entrances on the sides. Dad, Rick, mom and Lauren were all able to get very close without a problem. Not sure how much of this gentleness is due to the natural disposition of the hive, the smoke, or the fact that I was just looking and not taking anything. We’ll see.

As for me, I've been really busy as well! I quit FedEx last week, got a full-time job doing in-house illustrations for a company that makes software helping kids to learn English, am still finishing up a few freelance projects, plus there's the yard with all the fruit trees/vines, and the garden to look over. May will be a crazy month!

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