Friday, January 27, 2012

Short Comics

While I enjoyed the text book work… I’d so much rather be drawing comics! 8D
I got to do three short comics for the upcoming anthology “The Enchanted Toilet.” My friend Will Strong’s got two comics in there as well. Again, this was work for hire, so I don’t even own these characters anymore. Which is kinda a shame :’c

Plus! My editor was really great to work with! She really knew how to get my stories to come together, gave me great ideas, she was wonderful. She told me I could make potty jokes! How awesome is that?

You can tell I hit my stride with Miss Muffet. Took me long enough. Also all that lettering was hand done. STUPIDEST IDEA. Next project will be to make my own font. Hand lettering. Never again.


Will Strong said...

Michelle, these turned out great. Your comics are clearly the best of the bunch.

Also, making your own font? How do I go about this? I hate hand lettering.

Margaret Marshall Moon said...

Bravo, Michelle! They look really fun!