Saturday, December 3, 2011

New Cards in the Online Store!

The new set of cards are in at the Flat Cat Studio Online Store! :D

In the Holiday Set: Baby Fur Seal, Elephant Angel, Baby Polar Bear, Snuggling Penguins, and Strutter the Flaming Reindeer.
All four of the Retro Nerd Burds!
And of course, all the Original Flavor cards are still for sale.

Price Guide
Individual Cards: 1.25 USD each, envelope included
Pack of 12 Original Flavor: 13.25 USD (non-holiday non-nerd burd cards)
Pack of 5 Holiday Cards: 5.50 USD
Pack of 4 Retro Nerd Burds: 4.50 USD
Pack of 21: 23.50 USD One of every card!

International Shipping available! I take PayPal and Google Wallet (Checkout)
And remember, envelopes are always included.