Friday, September 2, 2011

goat-deer-taur and budgie friend

I was at a petting zoo a little while ago, and they had GOATS with the cutest little petite hooves. So I thought it’d be cute to design a little centauress with those petite goat hooves. I prefer the shape of a deer’s body, though, so now she’s a goat-deer-taur?

Pfff, mythical creature, I do what I want.

Also she has a fluffy budgie buddy. Kinda like a kakapo. I don’t know if he’s flightless or not though, but definitely just as fluffly.

Huur derp, still working her character out, maybe I’ll do some color and markings experiments later.

1 comment:

Will Strong said...

That budgie is so fat. I want to eat him.