Saturday, August 20, 2011

Retirement Gift

This is part of a super-sneaky retirement gift for my Illustration professor. Shhh-- don't tell him!
A bunch of us have contributed a page with our art on it, and the amazing Natalie Luehr has offered to bind together a book from these pages.

These paintings are a bit of an in-joke with my professor, they incorporate a few of the things that he thought were funny, characteristic, or infuriating about how I painted landscapes and in general:

I love big skies.

I like muted and limited palates. (Spoilers, I just hate color)

I love putting a row of trees along the horizon.

And I always paint small. Super small. These are 1.5" x 2". That's inches, not feet.
So I hope it makes him chuckle.

1 comment:

Anthony Holden said...

The jokes are almost as good as the paintings. Your work is small, but you are grand!