Monday, June 13, 2011

Card Printing: Beta Set One


I'm getting together a set of cards I've given to people in the past, to print them and sell them to more people in the future.

Here I've got six of my best designs, so I would like to know:

A) Would you buy these and for how much each (USD)


B) Are there any designs of mine that you would like to see that are not shown here?

All Card Designs © Michelle R. Weaver


Margaret Marshall Moon said...

There are two lovely pieces you did for Brant's birthdays that I will need to scan and send you, as they were really pretty/darling to look at. I think they would serve well in your line up too.

Your set is lookin' good.

Katie Bevan said...

I love these! I would buy a set for $20 considering at store value they are usually 10. Maybe even more since you, the artist are selling them. I would talk to one of our past professors. They are good at judging prices.
I am trying to remember if you have done a red panda in the past that I liked, if not there is an idea for you. Good Luck!

Katie Bevan said...

I looked at your blog again and I saw the red panda! That would be a cute card!

Balgram said...

Ditto the red panda. I'm a super cheapskate when it comes to buying cards so I don't think my value of what I would pay would in any way reflect what you could actually make from the cards. They look good.