Monday, March 7, 2011

Illustrate an Obscure Nursery Rhyme Day!

"Higgledy Piggledy,
My black hen,
She lays eggs For gentlemen;
Sometimes nine,
And sometimes ten,
Higgledy Piggledy,
My black hen!"

It's "Illustrate an Obscure Nursery Rhyme Day!"
OK not really, but Tybs came up with this idea and I thought it'd be pretty neat to do too.
Y'alls should join in!

I am really digging the digital screentone.


Will Strong said...

This is great.

Balgram said...

That sounds like a TON of FUN.

JAKE said...

There's something bizarrely relaxing about that floating egg.

Anthony Holden said...

Love the simplicity (and complexity) of that chicken shape.

by the by, we always say "hickety pickety"...I love old nursery rhymes!