Saturday, December 4, 2010

DeDraMo #2-4

For a good laugh: look up a video of Platypuses swimming: it looks like a cross between a fat kid with swimmy-wings and a seizure.

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I forgot to say—my goal is to draw 50 drawdings. The original parameters were one drawing a day for a total of 31, but if a picture is worth 1,000 words, and the writers had to write 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo, then I'm not gonna cop-out.

Platypuses are a lot more weird than I ever imagined.
For one thing, they don't lay eggs like birds, they lay eggs like LIZARDS. In fact their bodies are structured more like reptiles, and they still try to swim like a reptile or fish would, even though their tails are flattened on the AP axis (as opposed to the DV axis, as with crocodilians).
The males are venomous, with a venom strong enough to cripple a human with pain, or kill a dog.
They have 10 sex chromosomes. A human male is XY, a platypus male is XYXYXYXYXY.
The females lay eggs and suckle their young with milk, but only the left ovary is functional.
These creatures are just an amalgam of non-sequitur factoids.

maelgwyn on Tegaki E
Monotremes Oviparous, Ovum Meroblastic
Which is to say: Monotremes (the type of mammal Platypuses are, lay eggs, and the eggs are similar in development to reptile eggs in that part of the ovum does not divide.
I'm (not so) secretly a nerd you guys.

maelgwyn on Tegaki E
More pining for my fish, Narcissus.
How appropriate, a self portrait.
Also I have a headset for my Stage Manager job. I think it's cool.

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