Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sir Tiger With Fur Slicked Back

Gouache on Arches Paper
Approx 10 hours or less

This is probably the most fun commission I've done so far!
Commission Policy Here.
Open Commission Slots Here.

When I showed Jacob (the client) the color and value comp this is what he said:
"Imagine a three year old.
Now imagine that this three year old has just been given a giant robot unicorn that shoots lasers and candy.
I am doing that same happy dance over Sir Tiger.
Take it away Maestro! I am ecstatic about the way it is going!"

;3; That is the nicest thing for any artist to hear, seriously. There is no better way to ensure that I'll do my best and try my hardest.
So much so, that I entirely re-painted the arm on the left because the underdrawing was bad and left the painting looking goofy. And this is re-activating paint so it was no small task! But I'm glad I did it. (Post Secret: I would have done this anyway. But I really wanted to do my best.)

And I just got the best idea for the next painting in this series. (There's three, it's gotta be a series now) "Monocle Jack"—a Kangaroo... with a monocle.


Greg Newbold said...

I Very Like

Margaret Marshall Moon said...

Nifty! What's the size of the painting and how long did it take you?

Megan Trueblood said...

This is fantastic!

Meagan said...

This Jacob sounds like a kid in my picture book writing class. He's trying to switch from animation to illustration right now. Not the same person, is it?

P.S. You are awesome. Please, please become the animals-in-Victorian-clothing lady. I am such a fan.

moviefan1138 said...

Beautiful just beautiful, I always did picture a tiger in a suit, like Shere Kann but more gentlemanly

Jake Wyatt said...



Who are you?