Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Anyone keepin' track of my heads batted in?"

So I got a bat at DI. I am ridiculously happy with this, probably far more than I should be.
Yes, I know I'm holding it wrong.

Also: new jeans.

Also also, have an expression and face model sheet. :B

Because I wouldn't leave you without some arts.


Will Strong said...

Who is he? He's so adorable. Does he hang out with Bunky on the Weekends?

Brittany Whited said...

I don't know what this Charpi is... but I like it. Moke-p0wn? haha lol jk!

Jake Wyatt said...

You look like a cowboy in that picture!

Also: Nice arts!

Anthony Holden said...

You are winning in the HBI category. And the arts.

PS, a topic for new arts--my word verification, "flogshor."

Rachel J said...

Lol I love how when you get a bat you hold it like a weapon!