Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Finally killed my sketchbook I've had since ... December 2008. Gross!

But in my defense... I also draw a lot on loose paper, so I've got about half a ream of drawings there...

Now I'm actually going through all my other half-finished sketchbooks and KILLING them TOO. I am a sketchbook serial killer! BWAHAHAHA! No, actually, I think that title should go to Jake. :\

Also, since I had Photobooth up, here's a pic of me with Mike & Bryan's sigs from Comic Con. Yeah. I'm such an Avatard.


Jake Wyatt said...

It's 'cause of you draw SOO TINY!

Balgram said...

It's true! You draw small, and fill up corners and things. I could finish up a sketchbook in half an hour. (Of course, I'd throw it away afterward, because who wants to look at 90 pages of scribbles?)

Congratulations on killing a sketchbook! You are an inspiration to us all.


That was too cheesy to not laugh at.

Anonymous said...

Yay for killing sketchbooks!

Will Strong said...

Michelle, I have the same problem. It's so hard for me to kill an entire sketchbook. I get tired of one book and move on to another before the first is finished. Alas. Someday I'll be better.