Friday, June 26, 2009


So, some of y'all's know how much I love bees... and some of y'alls don't!
so much.

And so here's this idea for a Bee costume!

maelgwyn on Tegaki E

Seriously, this was direct revelation. Never saw it coming. Just suddenly... BAM! Idea.
It'll be changing tho, I've had some more ideas for it. :3


Jocelyn said...

Ok, I for one *didn't* know how much you love bees, and I'm glad I found out. Sweet costume!

Jake Wyatt said...

Accentuate the WAIST and HIPS to avoid looking like a henchman. Use your girl parts, Michelle. Look at Bill Pressing's blog (dailyperil) and check out his drawings of chicks in bee costumes.

Shaun T. Weaver said...

I kanz speak to the truth of the originz of theez ideeahz. For her many growing up yearz we - her parenz - vocally called' Mel Beeauty. Theez psycoloboblical conditioning caused' ein subliminalobobical predispositionical likeenz of Beez.