Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pictures? Bah.

Shane Lewis:
Jasen Strong:
Shane Glines:
Michel Gagne:
Feng Zhu:
Alessandro Barbucci:
Peter de Seve:
Humberto Ramos:

Oh Yah, plus some arts.
Owl. In a landscape. :D With Work-in-progress images.

Another Landscape. :3

And it's the return of the comic journal!


Chelsea Stebar said...

Dude. That owl painting is MAGICAL.

Will Strong (that's who) said...

Michelle, that owl rocks.

Big Time.

I dig the little rodent skull on his acsot.

Will Strong (that's who) said...

Oh yeah, nice color pallet too.

Jake Wyatt said...

Yes to owls in suits.

Hannah said...

I absolutely love that owl makes me so happy. I'm going to link to you, okay?

Anonymous said...

heh ^^; was that the hike with me?? Sorry, once again.....although, we did get pancakes! yum..

Jacob said...

First: Birds in suits = AWESOME and second: isn't that what woks were made for?

The Rabidmilkman said...

Love the comics, Michelle. Wok on!!!

Lauren Moyer said...

I love the owl painting! Great art keep up the work!