Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Final Character Designs

If you microwave an orange it smells like fruit-loops. No lie.
I finished my final for Todd's Character Design class. I think I could have done much better, but oh well. The assignment was to show three phases of progression in a character (emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually etc.) along the course of a story-line. So I chose a long-time favorite character of mine, Tammie Dona.
HQ Version

HQ Version

HQ Version
The boring fine print:

The story has magic as an element, and begins in 1887 with the birth of the protagonist Tammie Dona. Through a series of misfortunes that allow her to skip forward in time, Tammie goes from turn of the century seamstress/cobbler to American big-business tycoon.

First phase: 13 years old or so. I wanted to convey a sense of innocence and light-heartedness.

Second phase: late teens. Typical sullen teenager. She has skipped through time about a decade. At this point she is immigrating to the U.S. and has left her family in both space and time.

Third phase: mid twenties, but still has a baby face. She has become a tycoon of some note and wants to spend her life helping others. She does a lot to help the homeless and the abused. She seems happy and confident even though there is still underlying sadness. Most of the story would focus on this phase of her life.

And just for fun here are some random creature designs:
HQ Version

Latest news: I went Jeeping/off-roading with some friends Thursday morning. Dad never warned me how dangerous it can be. Dangerous in that I will never go back to flat land AGAIN. Sorry, I'm staying out here. Or someplace similar with mountains and rocks and scrub trees. And we almost flipped. It was great. Thank goodness we had a skid plate!
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