Friday, March 7, 2008

India! Yay other European Countries that I don't know what they are! Yay Canada!
Wow, OK, last thing I posted was zoo sketches huh. OK OK new stuff:

Battle Raccoons from the book 'Out on Blue 6.'

Some character design from our latest assignment. The theme was "Post-Apocalyptic Animal Heroes!" I chose to go with just the Post-Apocalypse part, and based their personalities and 'look' on animals. They don't really have names yet. All of them are based on citty-dwelling garbage-picking animals.
Can you feel the Gorillaz influence? I was aiming for it...

Ducks! And Botamon.
That's it for now.

We are all just jumping through hoops.


luckystar said...

So I now have a blogspot thingamabob. Apparently I'm muchly susceptible to peer pressure when I'm procrastinating stuff.

Your art looks improved since I've last seen it - niftyness-sauce! You must be doing awesome in your major

Jake said...

Battle raccoons? Awesome. MAD awesome.

Anthony Holden said...

Mee-shell! It's so fun to see your methods. These are really fun!