Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Super Duper Love Love Days (by Gumi)
Lyrics and translation can be found here.

I don't hate the holiday like many other single folk, but I guess I feel like a Muslim at Christmas. Just kinda... indifferent.

So, a picture for Valentimes; Lonely Lovelies. Don't read into this, I just wanted an excuse to paint cat girls like Malcolm "Skip" Liepke. And practice acrylic.

Ink and WashPitt Brush pen on marker board / illustration board, Earl Grey tea wash.

Holding each other or pushing each other away?
Acrylic on a scan print-out. Matte medium over printing paper, mounted on bookbinding-board. 3~4 hours?

I'll upload the sketches later. And I think I'll try one with just white highlights. That's the nice thing about scanning your work and painting on the print-outs.
So. Yeah. Doesn't help that our two days of nice weather were horribly interrupted by snow. Again. I hates it my precious.

Sometimes I feel like this is all my professors say to me.
But sometimes, there comes a NICE ONE that makes everything all right, tells you you are still a zygote and draws on your newspaper.
All I want is this.

Have some more super cute songs!
Nishi Kaze no Keari Michi
Platinum (by Sakamoto Maaya)
Anata to Ireba (by Tange Sakura, Iwao Junko)
Lyrics and translations can be found here.
I am pulling all these songs from the Card Captor Sakura Perfect Vocal Collection.

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