Monday, September 17, 2007

I am a LAAAZY person

Yes. So I don't actually have anything to post at the moment...
Other than a rant about how excited I am to have tones! TONES! :foams at the mouth: I made myself some screen tones and I'm so~ happy! If you do not know what a screen tone is... for shame. Go here. Educate yourself.
I WILL post those anime banzai pictures soon. I promise.
For now you can laugh at my cosplay as Nekozawa from Ouran High School Host Club:
With and without cloak:Really really low resolution camera. Yeah.


Anthony Holden said...

I actually think the low-res gives these photos a cool effect. P.S. congrats on getting a hold of some screen tones. Where'd you pick them up? (I have some left over from when I bought them in Japan, over 3 years ago, but there running out!)

Rose said...

I can't actually see the pictures. Grrness.